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«Construction Equipment and Technologies (СТТ)», №6, 2013. Vladimir Novoselov - "THE EVENT OF THE YEAR - THE 14TH INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION "CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT AND TECHNOLOGIES' 2013"

From the chapter "Earth moving machines, Loaders"

The unusual apparatus could have been seen at the stand of the CJSC MiKS. The mini-tractor Shustrik represents universal chassis with a skid steering, the main difference of which is that an operator works standing at the open ground behind the machine and, if necessary, can move at the chassis speed.

The main advantages of Shustrik are its unlimited possibilities of equipment with quick-changeable attachments. Besides the usual for such type of machines quick change of attachments on the wheeled loader plate, it is possible to replace the loader itself for any other type of equipment, for example, dump body, drilling rig, vacuum cleaner aggregate, water equipment, etc., whereas the replacement takes not more than 10 minutes. For this the frame has unified docking devices.

The mini-tractor is equipped with a 24 hp petrol engine having an air-cooling system and hydrostatic transmission. It is very easy to use and an operator has no need a long training. The machine has very small dimensions: width – 1030 mm, height – 1545 mm. The fuel tank volume provides continuous operating during the whole working day. The transportation load is equal to 500 kg.

Журнал "Строительная техника и технологии (СТТ)", №6, 2013, стр.123


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